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A New Year Wish

Written and photographed by: Heather Clendenin So….here we are approaching the end of  another year. Hope this finds you happy and healthy and enjoying wherever you are. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you just one of the many ways I see the world in just one of my many favorite places….. […]

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Click, shuffle, project! Click, shuffle, Project! These old-school sights and sounds are not something of the past! Long before the advent of phone cameras, and apps with  filters that allow us to instantly make our photos look like they were taken in 1960-something, people were having their photographs developed on to slides, that were then […]

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Written by: Sara Giarratana Light, Line and Space Defined by Sara Giarratana Lately I have been transfixed by the interaction of light and line. Two-dimensional projection is something I too easily take for granted when shadows wash over our protruding three-dimensional world. But watching silhouettes reform on my window throughout the day makes me contemplate […]

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LAN Workday with Golden Gate National Park: Redwood Creek & Tidal Lagoon at Muir Beach This landscape-level restoration project began in 2009 and is designed to bring back natural function to the creek, freshwater wetlands, intermittent tidal lagoon, and dunes. The LAN Workday will consist of planting native species to help restore the ecosystems of […]

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Looking for some local attractions to visit this holiday season? LAN Instructors recommend the following Bay Area location to delight your intersession days! The Wave Organ by Peter Richards and George Gonzalez Sound is created by the movement of waves in and out of series of pipes extending into the water. The organ is most […]

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As the semester comes to a successful close, we would like to wish you a fun and safe holiday. We look forward to seeing you all revved up and ready to go for Spring 2014! ONWARD! 

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Landscape of Ancient Kings

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”  – Rumi I was first introduced to the ancient and mysterious Landscapes of Iran at the age of ten when my family decided to make a major physical and philosophical move from the west to […]

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Spring Symposium: A Vision for the American West

Source: For more than half a century, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. was one of America’s preeminent landscape architects who pioneered comprehensive planning and played a critical role in forming the nation’s county, state, and national parks. He wrote the key language that established the National Park Service, and for 30 years advised the Park Service […]

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Register for your Spring 2014 Classes today! Contact your student advisor, and register for your classes online ASAP!!!!    

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