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How can tragedies like Houston happen? #HoustonInOurHearts

Articles written in 2015 and 2016 warned Houston that their region was flood prone after “38,000 acres of wetlands vanished,” covered with #impervioussurfaces . Urbanization issues like these lead to lives lost: #itstime for the United States to bring teams of #LandscapeArchitects to the table! The #AAUlandarch family holds the people of #Houston in our […]

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Tree-planting drones can sow 100,000 seeds a day

BioCarbon Engineering The much-hyped promise of a drone-driven future—where drones bring us food, take our selfies, and even serve as taxis—is not nearly as cool as this Myanmar community’s drone-driven present. A group of villagers along the country’s Irrawaddy River will soon use drones to plant a million new mangrove trees in an effort to restore the area’s […]

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International Council of Design

International Council of Design with Russell Kennedy. “Cultures are in a state of constant change. Support for authentic representation and acknowledgment of indigenous knowledge in commercial design practice, in agreement with indigenous communities as they wish to represent their culture at any given point in time, reinstates agency in indigenous peoples to manage and control their visual […]

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